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Sunday, December 13, 2015

What IF, Every US Embassy were expanded to double as trade port for US goods and trade.

The strength of any National Economy is its ability to conduct trade. The more vigorous the trade, the stronger the National economy. Almost every Nation has an embassy, the US is no exception, but what I have noticed is that embassies are filled with bureaucrats who actually produce nothing of value but WHAT IF, America were to begin using each of its embassies as a focal point for US trade export/import? WHAT IF, every US embassy were expanded to become a complete US city w...here not only National representative "business" occurred but also where US export could be obtained by locals of that area.
When the US was first formed, the Federal government was funded almost entirely by tariffs on imported trade. If the Nations embassies were to be expanded into centers of trade, working jointly with the regional government, could not American exports find a more directed target market for American goods? Certainly, there would be issues but I am of the opinion that if every city had a strong economy, much of the chaos and subsequent violence in the world would be dampened.
I would be interested in hearing responses and opinions about this opinion.
Cecil Lee Russell

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